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What is your life worth? Ba Products

Posted by Matt Burgwald on

       Every day through out the world the phone rings for a stranded motorist to get assistance. Tow truck companies navigate countless obstacles to get to a location on time and safely. So, What is your life worth? This is not a sales pitch,it really is more about thinking about the impact of not being around and what that would due to your families, friends, company, and beyond. A tow truck operator has risk to it, the state move over laws,you tube videos highlighting distracted drivers are just scratching the surface to every day battles to stay safe. I have been a tower for many years and have probably taken risks I should not have and been lucky. I count myself fortunate to be able to sit here and hope I can cause you to pause.
       At this point, years ago ,we decided to partner with an exceptional company that strives on fair, accurate weight  ratings on what they produce. Why take another  risk? The internet is full of reproduction parts, pieces and items that upon first glance appear to be the same. Are they? If your son ,daughter or new driver  was helping you on a job would you feel comfortable handing them a tool that may work?  Our career path has already put us in harms way, at least work within your limits. Keep safe out there, if you need any help with capacities,weights,uses we are happy to help. 5409849418 Edinburg Trucks
      Once welded, the chain is proof-tested to the industry standard. Proof testing is the procedure whereby each link is tested to twice its Working Load Limit (WLL). By definition, the WLL is the maximum load the chain is warranted to handle.  All Working Load Limits (WLL) shown in this catalog apply only to new or “in as new” condition products. •  USE ONLY GRADE 80, 100 or 120 Chain and Attachments for overhead lifting. •  B/A Products Co. chain products are intended to be used at or below the Working Load Limits (WLL) specified in constantly increasing force applications under direct tension or in a straight line pull. • Shock loading is prohibited and side loading must be avoided as it exerts additional dynamic forces or loading which the product is not designed to accommodate. • The conditions involving use in certain environmental situations such as unusual (high or low) temperature, chemicals, etc., can cause changes in chain performance. • Consult B/A Products for additional information or questions regarding the use and application of the products covered in this catalog.
      The working load limits and the associated safety factor of our products may be affected by wear, misuse, overloading, corrosion, deformation, intentional alteration and other use conditions. Regular inspection must be conducted to determine whether use can be continued at the assigned Working Load Limit, a reduced Working Load Limit or whether the product must be withdrawn from service. The term “Working Load Limit” contains no implication of what load the product will withstand if the product is abused and/ or misused. B/A Products Co. accepts no liability for such abuse or misuse. THE USE OF CHAIN IS SUBJECT TO CERTAIN HAZARDS THAT CANNOT BE MET BY MECHANICAL MEANS, BUT ONLY BY THE EXERCISE OF INTELLIGENCE, CARE AND COMMON SENSE. Please visit for added specifications & warnings.

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