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Cadillac vs Lincoln, Usa vs the world, American Made Products

Posted by Matt Burgwald on

My Dad and my Uncle George I feel competed with who could have the bigger car. I must admit their influence stayed with me for some time. I became both of their go to mechanic to work on their land yachts.During the 70s and 80s these Dinosaurs roamed the earth and Cadillac and Lincoln were the must have cars.I have owned more of these cars then I can remember often because it was cheaper to buy another one than repair one. I worked at Cadillac dealer for a short spell and got to see engineering at its finest,insert sarcasm. Long gone are the days of prestige and usher in cars that just arent that good for the money. Lincoln hired Matthew Mcconaughey to brand their cars and it seems like it has not gone over well. How many times have you been stuck behind a Cadillac or Lincoln doing 35 in a 45? I can not count that high. My father preached about buying American made products and lived that life. So I ask as I see Toyota in Nascar,Hino pacing in the Medium Duty Truck market even Renault! winning in the racing circuit, Does American made matter to you? The towing industry is no exception,this is not a dig at any companies,just a question. If given the choice,what would you choose? www.edinburgtrucks.comZacklift

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