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Traxxas 36034-1 1/10 Bigfoot #1 The Original Monster Truck Blue -

Traxxas 36034-1 1/10 Bigfoot #1 The Original Monster Truck Blue

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 This is the Electric Powered, Radio Controlled, Ready to Run, 1/10 scale    
               Bigfoot No.1 Monster Truck in Blue from Traxxas.                
FEATURES: Chassis: Composite nylon modified tub, also used in the Traxxas      
            Craniac, Skully and Stampede                                       
          Drive: Rear wheel with telescoping driveshafts for greater           
            suspension articulation                                            
          Transamission: Magnum 272, ball bearing equipped, metal internal     
          Slipper Clutch: Revo spec Torque-Control uses special semi-metallic  
            friction material and finned aluminum alloy pressure plates to     
            dissipate heat and provide consistent traction                     
          Differential: Planetary                                              
          Motor: Titan 12T 550 brush equipped                                  
          Radio: Traxxas TQ with high-torque waterproof steering servo,        
            3-channel TQ receiver, watertight receiver box                     
          ESC: XL-5 waterproof, three driver profiles-Training, Sport and      
            Racing modes, low voltage detection for compatibility with 2S LiPo 
          Battery: Traxxas #2975 NiMH iD-equipped 7-cell Power Cell with       
            Traxxas high-current connector                                     
          Battery Charger: 4-amp DC powered peak-detecting fast charge         
          Shocks: Oil-filled Ultra with X-ring technology for perfect seal,    
            powder coated white springs with a new spring rate for more        
            responsive handling                                                
          Body: Trimmed and painted Ford F-100 XLT Ranger pickup molded from   
            extra thick Lexan with chrome finished bumpers, grille and roll bar
            with replica KC light bar (non-functional), high rise dual-carb    
            manifold detail secured to top of hood                             
          Tires: Authentic "shaved" Terra Groove 2.2 monster truck tires, high 
            grip on a variety of surfaces including dirt, grass, pavement,     
            and rocks                                                          
          Wheels: Plastic with chrome finish, 12mm hex                         
          Pinion Gear: 14T installed, optional 19T pinion gear included for use
            with a 7-cell 8.4V battery                                         
INCLUDES: Bigfoot No.1 Monster Truck with TQ Radio System, ESC, 550 Motor,     
            Painted Body, 7-cell Battery, DC powered Charger and Instruction   
REQUIRES: AA Batteries: Four for transmitter                                   
          Track and maintenance equipment                                      
SPECS:      Vehicle;                                                           
          Length: 16.25" (413mm)                                               
          Front and Rear Track: 12.75" (324mm) distance from outer edges of    
            tires measured side-to-side                                        
          Height: 9.5" (241mm)                                                 
          Wheelbase: 10.63" (270mm)                                            
          Ground Clearance: 4" (102mm)                                         
          Weight: 65.3oz (1.85kg)                                              
          Internal Gear Ratio: 2.72 (final drive: 12.34)                       
          Battery Tray Dimensions: 5.4 x 1.8 x 1.02" (138mm x 46mm x 26mm)     
            (for Battery Expansion Tray, order TRAC3728)                       
          Length: 17.35" (441mm)                                               
          Width:   6.3" (160mm)                                                
          Height:  4.3" (109mm)                                                
COMMENTS: For Replacement Ball Bearings use:                                   
            Qty.   Size         Location                   Qty.  Bearing Set   
             4   5x11mm       Front Uprights                2     DTXC1547     
             4   5x11mm       Rear Uprights                 2     DTXC1547     
             7   5x11mm       Transmission                  4     DTXC1547     
                                                                   jxs 01/11/17
BOX DIMENSIONS:   14.13" W. X  11.00" H. X  20.75" L.
BOX WEIGHT:    8.74 LBS.


This is the electric powered 2WD Bigfoot No.1 Monster Truck from Traxxas. FEATURES: 550 12T brushed motor, Magnum 272, ball bearing trans, Revo-spec slipper clutch, 4A DC charger, 7-cell NiMH battery, chrome bumpers, grille & roll bar, oil-filled shocks, planetary gear diff, XL-5 waterproof ESC REQUIRES: 4 AA batteries, track equip.

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