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Tamiya 56502 1/14 Semi-Trailer Light Set 301 Ets Hobby Shop -

Tamiya 56502 1/14 Semi-Trailer Light Set 301 Ets Hobby Shop

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 This is a Hop-Up Light Kit for the Tamiya Semi-Trailer (#TAMC0632) that is  
              used with the Tamiya King Hauler (#TAMC0631).                    
FEATURES: These lights are for brake lights (one left and one right) and       
            turn signal (or "blinker") lights (one left and one right). The    
            bulbs are clear and installed behind the brake and turn signal     
            lenses (just like a real car/truck).                               
INCLUDES: One Light Set: Brake and blinker lights, light cable (that runs the  
            length of the trailer) and plug (to plug into connector cable).    
          One Connector Cable: Connects the light set to the circuitry board on
            the tractor (the circuitry board is included in the tractor        
            light set).                                                        
          One Rubber Bushing: To protect the light cable where it passes       
            throught the front of the trailer.                                 
          One Plastic Bushing: To protect the light wires where they pass      
            through the floor of the trailer to the rear bumper.               
          Two Nuts(2mm), two Bolts(2x15mm) and Two Washers(2mm): For mounting  
            the plug receptacle in the tractor body.                           
          One Double-Sided Tape                                                
          One Illustrated instructions                                         
REQUIRES: This light set is powered by the 6-cell motor battery in the tractor.
          Must use the Tractor Lights also to make functional.                 
BOX DIMENSIONS:    3.25" W. X   1.13" H. X   6.50" L.
BOX WEIGHT:     .19 LBS.