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Sensei FS EP Trainer w/WISE Gyro RTF -

Sensei FS EP Trainer w/WISE Gyro RTF

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 This is the 2.4GHz Radio Controlled, Brushless Electric Powered, Ready to Fly 
 Sensei FS Trainer Airplane with WISE Flight Stabilization System from Flyzone.
FEATURES: Stabilization System: WISE 3-axis with three flight modes; Beginner  
            Intermediate, Advanced and Bailout Switch that immediately returns 
            aircraft to straight and level flight from any orientation and     
            from any of the three flight modes                                 
          Construction: AeroCell foam with pre-applied trim scheme, drop door  
            in fuselage opens from 5th channel of radio                        
          Wing: Two-piece bolt together                                        
          Motor: Brushless outrunner                                           
          Radio: 6-channel 2.4GHz Tactic TTX610 system with SLT receiver       
            and five micro servos                                              
          LiPo Battery: 3S 2100mAh                                             
          Battery Charger: AC/DC powered with balancing capability             
          Landing Gear: One-piece aluminum, 2.5" (63mm) diameter main and      
            nose gear wheels, prebent wire nosegear                            
          Drop Door: Near main landing gear in fuselage, operates from 5th     
            channel for inflight deployment of parachute, candy or other items 
          Tail Section: Self-aligning, attaches to fuselage with one screw     
INCLUDES: RTF Sensei FS Trainer Airplane with WISE Flight Stabilization,       
            Motor, ESC, Battery, Radio, five Micro Servos, four AA Batteries   
REQUIRES: Pliers and phillips screwdriver for assembly                         
SPECS:    Wingspan: 58" (1475mm)                                               
          Length: 48" (1220mm)                                                 
          Weight: 3.2lbs (1450 g)                                              
          Center of Gravity (CG): 1/4" (6.4mm) forward or aft of the center of 
            the circle on each wing bottom                                     
            Control Throws-                                                    
          Elevator (up & down): 1/2" (15mm)                                    
          Rudder (right &left): 5/8" (16mm)                                    
          Ailerons (up & down): 1/2" (15mm)                    

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