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Outburst 1:14 Motorcycle: RTR -

Outburst 1:14 Motorcycle: RTR

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Features Back to Top ^ Gyro stabilization Side balancing turning arms Working headlight and taillight LED indicators Two bold trim schemes to choose from Everything you need to drive in one box Rechargeable integrated 1S LiPo battery Front and rear suspension Rubber wheels for maximum traction Convenient USB Charger 2.4GHz Transmitter 4 AA Batteries Overview Back to Top ^ Explode off the line, tilt into turns and get prepared to turn heads whenever you drive with the maximum ferocity 1/14-scale ECX® Outburst™ Motorcycle. This unstoppable motorcycle puts a new spin on the breakneck durability that put the ECX brand on the map. Big on looks and convenience, the compact Outburst features an eye-catching trim scheme, convenient USB charger as well as a working ultra-bright LED headlight and taillight. Best of all, an internal gyro keeps the Outburst centered while turning arms keep the motorcycle stable and scratch-free no matter how much you tilt. Specifications Back to Top ^ Type: Motorcycle Scale: 1/14 Length: 5.5 in (140mm) Width: 3 in (76mm) Height: 3.6 in (91mm) Ground Clearance: 0.26 in (6.6mm) Wheelbase: 3.86 in (98mm) Suspension: Independent Motor or Engine: Brushed Speed Control: Included Radio: 2.4GHz Batteries: 120mAh 1S 15C LiPo Charger: USB Kit/RTR: RTR Is Assembly Required: No