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HPI 7494 '68 Chevy Camaro Body Clear 200mm

HPI 7494 '68 Chevy Camaro Body Clear 200mm

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         This is the HPI 1/10 scale '68 Chevrolet Camaro 200mm Body            
            This is the thin, clear plastic piece that covers the              
              car's chassis and provides the "shape" of the car.               
FEATURES: Highly detailed body and trunk wing                                  
          Body has a clear protective overspray film on the outside that is    
            to be removed after painting                                       
          Self-adhesive pre-cut decals of lights, two different grilles, wipers
            door handles and all body and window trim                          
INCLUDES: One HPI 1/10 scale '68 Camaro 200mm Body with decal sheet, window    
            mask sheet, decal placement sheet.                                 
REQUIRES: Polycarbonate paint for painting the inside of the body.  The color  
            choice is up to the modeler.                                       
          Body scissors, DTXR1150 to cut out the body and spoiler parts        
SPECS:    Length:     16.25" (413mm)                                           
          Width:       7.9"  (200mm)                                           
          Height:      3.5"  (89mm)                                            
          Wheelbase:  10.25"  (260mm)                                          
          Thickness:    .030" (0.76mm) before body is pulled                   
                                                                   jxs 12/12/05
BOX DIMENSIONS:    9.00" W. X   5.00" H. X  18.75" L.
BOX WEIGHT:     .72 LBS.