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Grave Digger Monster Jam Truck 4WD, AX90055 1/10 SMT10

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    This is the Radio Controlled, Electric Powered, 1/10 scale, Ready to Run   
                   Grave Digger Monster Jam Truck from Axial.                  
FEATURES: Chassis: SMT10 tube frame with many pivot points for suspension      
            tuning, easy battery access at rear, adjustable battery tray       
            accomodates most standard 2S and 3S LiPo batteries                 
          Drive: Four wheel straight axle with Wild Boar HD driveshafts, larger
            diameter crosspin for added strength, new center splined slider    
            with added material to reduce flex and fatigue, heavy duty front   
          Radio: Tactic TTX300 with user programmable 3rd channel, steering    
            rate adjustment, 70/30 throttle setting, and 3-channel TR325       
            receiver, Tactic TSX45 metal gear steering servo with 151oz-in     
            torque & dual ball bearings                                        
          ESC: Axial AE-5 waterproof, drag brake, star plug, ESC switches      
            between LiPo and NiMH battery types with a simple jumper           
          Motor: Axial brush equipped 27 turn                                  
          Transmission: AX10, updated dual pad slipper system with 32P gearing 
            new slipper design uses a pad on each side of spur gear for added  
            surface area, three gear layout, metal motor plate,                
            56T Spur/11T Pinion RTR gearing for 3S LiPo operation              
            includes 16T Pinion for 2S LiPo operation                          
          Wheels: 2.2" (56mm) diameter nylon construction, 12mm hex            
          Tires: 2.2" BKT purpose built to handle the rigors of Monster Jam    
            Truck Racing                                                       
          Shocks: Oil-filled aluminum body, multiple mounting positions        
          Body: .040" (1mm) thick polycarbonate replica of 1950 panel van,     
            scale interior with glow in the dark driver and chrome zoomie      
            style headers                                                      
          Steering: Heavy duty tie rod, drag link, and simulated scale         
            hydraulic ram steering link                                        
          Rear Suspension: Trailing arm 4-link, high-strength composite        
            AR60 OCP axle, axle tubes reinforced with boxed-in axle truss, off-
            center pumpkin design, updated steering knuckles for dual shear,   
            also eliminates secondary bolt plate, updated diff cover and servo 
            mount, rear swaybar                                                
          Warranty: Axial warrants this kit to be free from defects in         
            materials and workmanship when new. This warranty does not cover   
            damages due to normal wear and tear, user's failure to perform     
            routine mantenance, user error of assembly or installation, user   
            modifications, addition of aftermarket parts or option parts.      
            Ten day limited warranty from date of purchase on electronics.     
INCLUDES: Grave Digger Monster Jam Truck with Radio, Steering Servo, ESC,      
            Motor, Body and Instruction Manual                                 
REQUIRES: Battery: 2S or 3S LiPo pack or NiMH pack                             
          Battery Charger: To match selected battery                           
          Charging Bag if using LiPo battery                                   
          Track equipment                                                      
SPECS:      Vehicle;                                                           
          Length: 19" (483mm)                                                  
          Width: 13.2" (335mm)                                                 
          Height: 10.6" (270mm)                                                
          Wheelbase: 13.9" (353mm)                                             
          Ground Clearance: 2.9" (74mm)                                        
          Weight: 7.11lbs (3.22kg) estimated with electronics                  
COMMENTS: For replacement ball bearings use:                                   
            Qty.  Size      Location        Qty.      Bearing Set              
             2  10x15mm   Steering Knuckles  1        DTXC1595                 
             2  5x11mm    Steering Knuckles  1        DTXC1547                 
             2  5x11mm    Rear Uprights      1        DTXC1547                 
             1  5x11mm    Driveshaft         1        DTXC1547                 
             2  5x11mm    Hub Carrier        1        DTXC1547                 
             1  10x15mm   Fr Diff            1        DTXC1595                 
             1  10x15mm   Rear Diff          1        DTXC1595                 
             1  5x11mm    Bevel Gears        1        DTXC1547                 
             4  5x10mm    Drive Gear Shaft   2        DTXC1535                 
                                                                   jxs 07/21/16
BOX DIMENSIONS:   14.00" W. X  12.00" H. X  24.50" L.
BOX WEIGHT:   13.25 LBS.


This is the 1/10 scale RTR Grave Digger Monster Jam Truck from Axial. FEATURES: AR60 OCP axle, AX10 transmission, 27T brushed motor, waterproof ESC w/Star plug, Wild Boar HD driveshafts, body w/scale interior, driver figure REQUIRES: 2S or 3S LiPo pack or NiMH battery, charger, charging bag if using LiPo battery, 4 AA batteries for transmitter, track equip.

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