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G10-3810/20SGG  B/A Products Co. 3/8" Grade 100 Cradle Grab Hook Chain

G10-3810/20SGG B/A Products Co. 3/8" Grade 100 Cradle Grab Hook Chain

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3/8-Inch Grade 100 Cradle Grab Hook Chain available in 10’ and 20’ Lengths

In order to properly prepare your vehicle for transportation, we recommend you use the unrelenting strength of the 3/8" Grade 100 Cradle Grab Hook Chain from B/A Products Co. to help you keep the vehicle fully secured. Available in 10’ and 20’ lengths and able to handle a working load limit of 8,800 lbs., this is the kind of chain that is engineered to easily take on the heavy-duty jobs. The Grade 100 chain is more than capable of withstand the challenges of the road, allowing you to utilize its strength over and over again.

To complete the ideal tie-down chain assembly, we have also attached a pair of durable cradle grab hooks. These hooks are designed to effectively maintain their grip on the anchoring points to make sure that the vehicle remains optimally secured. They are engineered from high-quality steel for greater durability and longer lasting strength.


  • Size (Inches): 3/8
  • Length (Feet): 10' (G10-3810SGG), 20' (G10-3820SGG)
  • Weight (lb): 10' (18.00), 20' (32.00)
  • Working Load Limit (lb): 8800
  • Warnings: Never exceed working load limit
  • Unit: EA
  • Chain Assembly: Grade 100 Chain Assembly
  • Color: Grey
  • Grade: Grade 100
  • Hook Type: Cradle Grab Hook
  • Hook Color: Blue
  • Link Type: None
  • Approved for Overhead Lifting: Y
  • Meets or Exceeds DOT (Department of Transportation) Specifications: Y
  • Meets or Exceeds OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) Specifications: Y
  • Meets or Exceeds ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials International) Specifications: Y
  • Meets or Exceeds NACM (National Association of Chain Manufacturers) Specifications: Y
  • Proposition 65: Y

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