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Aquacraft Wildcat rtr -

Aquacraft Wildcat rtr

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This is the electric powered, radio controlled, ready to run Mini Wildcat Catamaran from AquaCraft. FEATURES: Construction: Molded ABS with watertight cover that is easily removable for access to battery Radio: AquaCraft 2-channel FM with micro steering servo Motors: Two water-cooled AquaCraft T-270, transom mounted water pickup cooling Propellers: Two FRP (fiber reinforced plastic) 30mm 2-blade Rudder: Mini Wedge design for precise handling and breakaway action to avoid damage from striking underwater objects Battery: 1100mAh (7.2V) NiMH, AQUM3520, the DTXC2193 7.2V NiMH 1600mAh battery can also be used Charger: 12V field Warranty: Ninety day limited through manufacturer beginning at date of purchase INCLUDES: RTR Mini Wildcat Catamaran with two motors, two propellers, battery charger, radio, plastic stand and instruction manual REQUIRES: AA Batteries: Eight for transmitter SPECS: Length: 14.8" (375mm) Beam (Width): 5" (125mm) Height: 3.5" (89mm) RTR Weight: 16.9oz (480g) COMMENTS: If using an optional charger such as the DuraTrax Onyx series, the Standard to Mini Adapter (DTXC2210) is required. If using a charger such as the DuraTrax ICE, the Banana Plug to Mini Plug Adapter (DTXC2223) is required. The Mini Catamaran is available with the following color schemes; Blue AQUB19A1 Red AQUB19A2 Yellow AQUB19A3 Orange AQUB19A4 jxs 10/27/09 ir/jxs BOX DIMENSIONS: 9.38" W. X 7.13" H. X 21.88" L. BOX WEIGHT: 3.81 LBS.