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48-CAS4 B/A Products Co. ITI™ Control Arm Skate

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ITI 4-Inch Control Arm Skate available in 4” and 6” Sizes.

For the vehicle that have missing wheels, frozen bearings, and broken ball joints, the reliable ITI Control Arm Skate from B/A Products Co. can help make loading them a lot easier. Both ends of the skate have a radius that makes it easier for loading and unloading the vehicle without having to remove and turn the skate. Available in 4” and 6” sizes, this skate allows you to pull the disabled vehicle right up onto the flatbed trailer with little friction occurring. This control arm skate helps keep you in control over the vehicle during the loading process.


  • Skate Type: Control Arm Skate
  • Length (Inches): 4" (18), 6" (19)
  • Weight (lb): 4" (5.00), 6" (13.00)
  • Unit: EA
  • Color: Brown
  • Handle: Y
  • Interlocking Feet: N
  • Proposition 65: Y
  • Manufacturer: ITI

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