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B/A Products Co. Weld-On D-Ring

  • 1199

Weld-On D-Ring available in 5/8”, 3/4”, 1” Sizes.

For a much more reliable grip on the vehicle during the securement process, we offer the high-quality Weld-On D-Ring from B/A Products Co. Engineered with an emphasis on durability, this D-Ring is more than capable of providing you with more than efficient strength to get you through the tougher jobs. Able to easily handle a working load limit of 6,130 lbs. in the 5/8” size, 9,120 lbs. in the 3/4” size, and 15,580 lbs. in the 1” size., it can function as a reliable anchoring point that is able to support the rest of the tie-down assembly.

  • Weight (lb): 5/8" (2.00), 3/4" (3.00), 1" (5.00)
  • Working Load Limit (lb): 5/8" (6,130lb), 3/4" (9,120lb), 1" (15,580lb)
  • Warnings: NOT Approved for Overhead Lifting/Never exceed working load limit
  • Unit: EA
  • Color: Self Colored
  • Material: Steel
  • Curved Angle: N
  • Bolt On: N
  • Weldable: Y
  • Proposition 65: Y

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