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38-106 B/A Products Co. 3" Underlift Strap

38-106 B/A Products Co. 3" Underlift Strap

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3-Inch Underlift Strap For 38-106

The 3" Underlift Strap For 38-106 from B/A Products Co. is a solid and reliable means of keeping your securement strap working much longer. Any strap that features damaged, frayed, ripped, or torn webbing needs to be replaced in order to prevent the risk of failure during the towing process. With that in mind, installing this high-quality replacement piece for your 3” Heavy-Duty Underlift Strap can help prevent such accidents from happening with minimal effort and cost on your end. Easy to install, this replacement strap is engineered from the same B/A Polyester Classic Webbing that provides unyielding holding power and superior strength. It has the durability to withstand the many challenges faced in this industry. It can easily handle a working load limit of 11,000 lbs.


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