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24-1LED B/A Products Co. B/A 10-LED Magnetic Tow Light

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B/A 10-LED Magnetic Tow Light

You can experience the strength and reliability of the everyday workhorse lights that we have been using for years with the B/A 10-LED Magnetic Tow Light from B/A Products Co. Once activated, they will effectively illuminate the area for clearer and better viewing. The lights include a 30' cord with a 4-way plug with 7 feet of cord between the lights and the magnets. The lights also have covers to protect them from scratching and marring.


  • Weight (lb): 7
  • Unit: PR
  • Style: LED
  • 4-Way Plug: Y
  • Cord: Y
  • Cord Length (Feet): 30
  • Cord Length Between Lights and Magnets (Inches): 7
  • Magnetic: Y
  • Magnet Covers: Y
  • Proposition 65: Y

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