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12-DK1 B/A Products Co. Door Tool Kit

  • 9500

Door Tool Kit

You can get everything you need to get that locked vehicle door opened with the help of this Door Tool Kit from B/A Products Co. This kit includes exactly the right tools that are necessary in order to maneuver around and unlock that door. The two plastic window wedges are designed to slide right in between the window and the door, jamming your way in and creating a large gap. The inflatable air wedge offers a much more effortless way of creating that gap, prying the window far enough away from the door to get the Red Alert Door Tool down in there. This door tool provides you with excellent reach and leverage, allowing you to easily get the locks undone. Additionally, this kit includes a handy 1" x 12" protective sleeve for ultimate protection of the vehicle's door jamb.


  • Weight (lb): 3
  • Unit: KIT
  • Proposition 65: Y

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