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B/A Products Co. Twist Lock™ Shackle

B/A Products Co. Twist Lock™ Shackle

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Twist Lock Shackle available in 3/4”, 1”, and 1 1/4” sizes

If you want a strong and reliable shackle that can offer innovative solutions to your everyday needs, then you will benefit from the Twist Lock Shackle from B/A Products Co. This is a solid and durable anchor shackle that is manufactured from high-quality forged alloy steel with an alloy pin. Able to handle a working load limit of 7 tons in the ¾” size, 12.5T in the 1” size, and 18T in the 1 ¼” size, the working load limit is permanently shown on each shackle for added safety along with the size. Easy to attach to the chain assembly, it can be used for a wide variety of applications that require optimal strength.

  • Weight (lb): 3/4" (3.00), 1" (6.00), 1 1/4" (11.00)
  • Working Load Limit (Tons): 3/4" (7T), 1" (12.5T), 1 1/4" (18T)
  • Warnings: Never exceed working load limit
  • Unit: EA
  • Pin: Alloy
  • Material: Forged Alloy Steel
  • Proposition 65: Y
  • Patent Number: Patent Pending
  • Approved for Overhead Lifting: Y

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