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10250 1/10 Honcho Truck Body -

10250 1/10 Honcho Truck Body

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         This is the 1/10 scale Honcho Pickup Truck Body from Parma.           
FEATURES: Scale pickup truck details for 1/10 scale RC trucks or rock crawlers 
          .040" (1mm) thick clear plastic                                      
          Fits 10" (254mm) wheelbase chassis, can also be mounted on larger    
INCLUDES: Honcho Pickup Truck Body, window masks, decals and clear outer body  
            paint mask                                                         
REQUIRES: Body Scissors, DTXR1150                                              
          Spray or brush-on paint of modeler's choice                          
SPECS:    Length: 16.25" (413mm)                                               
          Width:   7.25" (184mm) including fenders                             
                   6"    (152mm) not including fenders                         
          Height:  4.25" (108mm)                                               
                                                                    jxs 6/12/09
BOX DIMENSIONS:    9.38" W. X   4.63" H. X  21.00" L.
BOX WEIGHT:     .51 LBS.

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