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10165P 1/10 Gravedigger #12 Painted Body -

10165P 1/10 Gravedigger #12 Painted Body

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     This is a 1/10 scale Grave Digger Painted Body and Decals from Parma.     
FEATURES: Durable lexan body.                                                  
          Pre-painted black body.                                              
INCLUDES: One Grave Digger Body Painted Black                                  
          One Decal Set with all the decals to complete the Body               
          One Instruction Sheet for Trimming and Detailing                     
REQUIRES: Body Scissors (DTXR1150)                                             
          Sander (GPMR6169)                                                    
          Body Mount                                                           
COMMENTS: Per Parma this will fit "All" Cars (and Trucks) with the use of a    
             body mount set.                                                   
                                                                    dew 1/22/00
BOX DIMENSIONS:    7.50" W. X   6.00" H. X  17.50" L.
BOX WEIGHT:     .52 LBS.

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