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10165 1/10 Gravedigger #12 Body -

10165 1/10 Gravedigger #12 Body

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                   This is a "Gravedigger #12" Truck Body.                     
            This is the thin, clear plastic piece that covers the              
            truck's chassis and provides the "shape" of the truck.             
FEATURES: Highly detailed body and cutting lines                               
          Includes window masking sheet                                        
          Flexible Parma decals include: "Gravedigger", skull, green flames,   
             grill, head lights, "Parma International"                         
INCLUDES: One clear body.                                                      
          Two Parma decal sheets.                                              
          One window masking sheet.                                            
REQUIRES: Polycarbonate paint for painting the inside of the body.  The color  
            choice is up to the modeler.                                       
          Body scissors to cut out the body parts.                             
          Hobby knife or scissors to cut out the decals.                       
SPECS:    Length:    16.50" (419mm)                                            
          Width:      6.25" (159mm) (at center)                                
          Height:        5" (127mm) (cut-out)                                  
          Wheelbase: 10.50" (267mm)                                            
COMMENTS: This body does not include a protective overspray film.              
                                                                     bmb 7/1/01
BOX DIMENSIONS:    9.00" W. X   6.00" H. X  20.75" L.
BOX WEIGHT:     .52 LBS.


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