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10116 1/10 Maxx Fire Truck Body .050

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    This is a 1/10 Scale T-/E-Maxx Fire Truck Body from Parma.           
FEATURES: A replica of a 1950's-style fire truck with a bubble light on the    
            roof, hose reel on back, rigid hoses on one side and a ladder on   
            the other.                                                         
          Fits Traxxas' E-Maxx and T-Maxx.                                     
          Made from .050" clear lexan.                                         
          Detailed cut lines, including wheel wells.                           
          Recessed body panel lines for realistic appearance.                  
          Detailed molding of all body details.                                
          Includes pre-cut window masking material.                            
          Decal sheet includes Parma International Fire Department shields,    
            first aid box, fire extinguishers, fire axe, wrench, Dalmation dog,
            various hardware and gauges, and a set of white letters.           
INCLUDES: One 1/10 Scale T-/E-Maxx Fire Truck Body.                            
          One Window Mask Set                                                  
          One Decal Sheet                                                      
REQUIRES: Polycarbonate Paint                                                  
          Body Scissors                                                        
SPECS:    Length: 18-1/8"  (460mm)                                             
          Width:  6-7/8"   (175mm) at front wheels                             
          Width:  7"       (178mm) at rear wheels                              
          Height: 6"       (152mm) at highest point                            
COMMENTS: This body does not have a protective overspray film.                 
                                                                    sdw 9/26/02
BOX DIMENSIONS:    8.75" W. X   6.75" H. X  19.00" L.
BOX WEIGHT:     .63 LBS.