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Axial 1/10 SCX10II 2017 Jeep Wrangler 4WD CRC RTR

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  This is the Electric Powered, Radio Controlled, 1/10 scale           
         Ready to Run SCX10 II 2017 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited CRC 4WD.           
FEATURES: Chassis: Scale steel C-channel side rails with adjustable body mount,
            adjustable bumper mounts with swaybar mounting points, mounting    
            points for optional 2-speed and servo winch, adjustable chassis    
            mounted servo system                                               
          Drive: Full time 4WD locked drivetrain with WB8 HD Wild Boar         
            driveshafts, UVJ style front driveshafts for up to 45° of steering 
            angle, full ball bearing drivetrain                                
          Transmission: AX10 three gear layout, metal motor plate, adjustable  
            ratio for high speed or competition level crawling speed           
          Slipper Clutch: Dual pad design for added surface area, 32P gear     
            pitch for high-torque applications                                 
          Motor: 35 turn, brush equipped, water resistant, integrated cooling  
          Radio: Tactic TTX300 3-channel SLT radio with TR325 Receiver,        
            programmable 3rd channel for operating two speed transmission      
            winches or lights                                                  
          Steering Servo: Tactic TSX45 metal gear, water resistant, 151oz/in   
            torque rating, dual ball bearings                                  
          ESC: AE-5L waterproof, switchable between LiPo or NiMH               
            operation with a simple jumper, Star plug battery connector,       
            built-in LED light controller (NOTE LED leads are not compatible   
            with old Axial LED light strings, or third party LED light strings 
          Spur Gear: 56T 32-pitch, plastic construction                        
          Pinion Gear 15T 32-pitch, steel construction                         
          LED Lights: Four white for head lights and turn signal markers, and  
            two red lights for tail lights                                     
          Battery Tray: Easy access front mount, accomodates batteries up to   
            1.2 x 1.7 x 5.8" (32x44x147mm) 3S, 5000mAh                         
          Front and Rear Axles: Hardened steel                                 
          AR44 Hi-Pinion Axle: Hypoid cut CNC metal gears, optimized gear      
            ratio for reduced torque twist, optional gearing choices, one-     
            piece axle housing, increased clearance, larger load rated         
            bearings for durability, 8° kingpin axle eliminates tire scrub,    
            single piece axle housing, one-piece all metal locker, 10°         
            increment adjustments for knuckle carriers and straight axle       
            adapters, optimized gear ratio; 3.75 compared to 2.92 previously,  
            for less torque twist                                              
          Body: Painted 2017 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited CRC                       
          Wheels: 1.9" KMC XD 229 Machete Crawl wheels, molded composite       
            construction, black in color, 1.02" (26mm) wide, 2.12" (53.9mm)    
            diameter, 12mm hex                                                 
          Tires: 1.9" Nitto Trail Grappler M/T, S30 compound with large blocks 
            for excellent bite in all terrain 4.7" (119.4mm) 1.9" (48.2mm)     
          Shocks: Coil over, oil filled, steel springs, white in color         
          Suspension: Optimized suspension geometry with integrated mounts     
            upper and lower aluminum links, 4-link design reduces axle steer   
            and torque twist, and guards against suspension wrap-up in high-   
            power applications, all steel links                                
          Steering: Proper CMS geometry using 3-link setup with panhard bar,   
            45° steering angle                                                 
          Bumpers: Scale front and rear bumpers and rock sliders licensed by   
            JCR Offroad, lenses in bumpers for light kit (light kit not        
          Warranty: One year bumper to bumper limited. Axial's warranty center 
            Hobby Services will repair or replace any incorrectly made part.   
            Proof of purchase is required for Axial to honor any warranty      
            claim. Axial reserves the right to change or modify this warranty  
            without notice. This warranty does not cover damages due to normal 
            wear and tear, users' failure to perform routine maintenance, user 
            error of assembly or installation, modifications, misuse, crash    
            damage, or the addition of aftermarket parts or optional parts.    
            Note: Purchasing products from unauthorized retailers may void the 
            warranty and prevent support and service.                          
            Repair or replacement of the product by Hobby Services is the sole 
            and exclusive remedy for any loss or damages.                      
INCLUDES: RTR SCX10 II Jeep Wrangler Unlimited CRC with Oil-Filled Shocks,     
            Wheels, Tires, Painted Body, Rock Sliders, Radio, ESC, Motor,      
            Decals. Waterproof Receiver Box, LED Lights and Instruction        
REQUIRES: Battery: 6-cell NiMH or 2-3S LiPo                                    
          Battery Charger: Compatible with selected battery                    
          Building and track equipment                                         
SPECS:      Vehicle-                                                           
          Length: 19.25" (489mm)                                               
          Width: 8.9" (226mm)                                                  
          Height: 9.4" (223.4mm)                                               
          Wheelbase: 12.3" (312.4mm) adjustable with optional link kits sold   
          Ground Clearance: 3.0" (77mm)                                        
          Weight: 4.5lbs (2.04kg) approximately, with electronics              
          Optimized Gear Ratio: 3.75:1                                         
          Final Drive Ratio (FDR): 40.44, stock                                
            (33.69-54.15 with different spur/pinion gear combinations, extra   
             spur and pinion gears must be purchased separately)               
          Length: 17.2" (438mm)                                                
          Width: 8" (203mm)                                                    
          Height: 5.5" (140mm)                                                 
COMMENTS: For Replacement Ball Bearings use:                                   
            Qty.   Size      Location Qty.     Qty.    Stock Number            
             2   7x14mm       Ring Gear         1       AXIC4406               
             2   5x14mm       Pinion gear       1       AXIC4407               
             2   5x11mm       Pinion Gear       1       DTXC1547               
             2   10x15mm      Front Uprights    1       DTXC1595               
             2   5x11mm       Front Uprights    1       DTXC1547               
             2   5x11mm       Rear Axles        1       DTXC1547               
             2   5x11mm       2-sp Top Shaft    1       DTXC1547               
             2   5x11mm       2-sp Bottom Shaft 1       DTXC1547               
             4   5x10mm       Transfer Case     1       DTXC1535               
                                                                   jxs 11/08/17
BOX DIMENSIONS:   13.88" W. X  12.63" H. X  24.50" L.
BOX WEIGHT:   10.41 LBS.


This is the RTR Electric Powered SCX10 II 2017 Jeep 4WD All Terrain Vehicle. FEATURES: Tactic TTX300 radio, brushed motor, painted Jeep Wrangler Body, LED lights, AR44 hi-pinion axles, 1-pc all metal locker, steel C-channel chassis REQUIRES: Battery, Charger, LiPo Charging Bag (if using LiPo battery) Track Equipment

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