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DALRC Drone Frame XR215 Plus Ets Hobby Shop -

DALRC Drone Frame XR215 Plus Ets Hobby Shop

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DALRC makes some exciting FPV Racing Drone frames and the XR215Plus builds on top of the great XR215. The carbon fiber side and top plate thickness have been increased to 1.5mm making this drone even stronger. To help keep the weight down the carbon fiber upper and lower decks have been decreased in width and length.

It still comes with separate, 3.5mm full 3K carbon fiber arms and CNC aluminum spacers and arm bracing. There is a choice of two adjustable camera mounts that give a maximum of camera angle of 50 degrees. Motor protectors / landing legs are also supplied for added protection.

The supplied power distribution board comes with lots of features and has a built in OSD and beeper. The OSD supports voltage, flight time, artificial horizontal, Mode display and remote controller tune PID. The PDB has a double source 5/12V BEC and a switchable 5/12V camera power output. Just to make sure other pilots can find you there is a LED panel on the rear.


  • Wheelbase 215mm
    • Tough 3.5mm carbon fiber lower frame
    • Currency lens holder
    • HS1177 lens holder
    • Adjustable camera mount 10~50 degrees
    • Up to 5” propellers
    • Fits 22 series motors
    • Lightweight
    • Power Distribution Board
    • XT60 Power lead

Wheelbase: 215mm
Carbon Weight: 120g
Size: 171x131mm

1 x XR215Plus Frame Kit
1 x Power Distribution Board and cables
1 x LED Panel
1 x Build Manual

1 x 1000mAh 3S~2200mAh 4S LiPoly Battery
4 x 2204 / 2206 / 2208 brushless motors
4 x 5040~5045 propellers (CW, CCW)
1 x Flight Controller CC3D / Naze32 / F3
4 x 12~30A ESC’s
1 x 5-6 channel RX/TX
1 x FPV package (optional)

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