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Introducing the STRIX ALATUS! After a year of testing and prototyping, we are proud to be able to finally bring this ultra fast and simple to build plane to you! Are you tired of spending the time and hassle to cover your wings with laminate only to crash it later? So were we! The ALATUS is made from high density, molded EPO foam. On top of that, we have used an 8mm, square spar as well as additional spars in front and behind. All of this means that you can spend more time in the air than with your covering iron and still have an ultra stiff and responsive wing. 

Crash your wing? No problem! The ALATUS can change a broken wing in about 30 seconds. Simply pop the canopy off, unplug the servo from your receiver, and slide out the damaged wing. 

No skimping out on the electronics. For the PNP version of the ALATUS, we have included 9g digital metal gear servos along with quality hardware. The 60A ESC is capable of 2-6s power and has custom right angle motor bullets to save space in the fuselage. It also features a powerful, switch mode BEC to ensure ample power during tough maneuvers. The included STRIX 2217 2300Kv motor has plenty of power to get the ALATUS moving and is made by Cobra Motor. 

FPV Ready! The ALATUS was designed to use the RMRC Cricket 200 and 600mw transmitters with aluminum case. They bolt directly into the canopy and with a 90* SMA connector, the antenna goes directly out of the top. The channel list and button is still easy to see and operate. Any camera with a metal bracket (STRIX Ochi, HS1177) bolts right into the top of the canopy for easy camera installation. We have even included a guide to keep those pesky wires in their place. The 60A ESC also comes with an additional JST power tap pre-installed to power your transmitter. 

Race Ready! The Alatus has been approved for racing in MultiGP events in its stock form as well as FPVWRA events in the Sport Class. For other events that require 40" wing span or less, we have included cut lines on the wings as well as coroplast winglets. 


  • Simple to build
  • Easily replaceable wings
  • High density EPO foam
  • Extra wing reinforcement
  • Durable fuselage
  • 60A 2-6s ESC with XT60 and JST (PNP Only)
  • STRIX 2217 2300Kv Motor by Cobra (PNP Only)
  • Flight Controller Ready
  • Designed for use with RMRC Cricket 200 and 600mw transmitters


  • ​Wingspan: 1092mm, 43" (1016mm, 40" when cut for use with winglets)
  • Weight
    • KIT: ~550g
    • PNP: ~700g
  • Top Speed: 99+ (PNP)
  • Battery: 1500 - 2200 4s
  • ​Battery Bay: 130mm Length x 40mm Wide x ~32mm Tall (Approximate available room)
  • Motor Mount: 16x19mm & 19x25mm

PNP Includes

  • ALATUS Wing and Fuselage
  • Installed Servos
  • Installed Motor & ESC
  • 2x Optional Winglets
  • ​Decal Sheet
  • Gemfan 6x4 APC Style Propeller

Recommended Equipment

  • Battery: RMRC Orange Series 1800 4s
  • Camera:
  • Transmitter: RMRC Cricket 200mw & 600mw​ with SMA Adapter
  • ​Propeller: Genuine APC 6x4 E
  • For battery options below, international orders shipping USPS are limited to a maximum of 1 battery which will be installed in the aircraft prior to shipping.

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