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Flyzone DHC-2 Beaver Select Scale TxR -

Flyzone DHC-2 Beaver Select Scale TxR

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TECH NOTES This is the electric powered, radio controlled, Tx-R (Transmitter Ready) Prime Flyzone DHC-2 Beaver Select Scale Airplane. This is the Tx-R (Transmitter Ready) version that includes servos, an ESC and SLT receiver. May be flown with any compatible transmitter with the SLT (Secure Link Technology) system such as the Tactic TTX650, TACJ2650. FEATURES: Construction: AeroCell foam with pre-applied decals and tinted plastic windows at canopy area Wing: One-piece design with functional struts and ailerons and flaps with drop hinges Motor: 41-19-850 outrunner brushless Receiver: Tactic 2.4GHz SLT Servos: Five micro ESC: 40A Landing Gear: Bent alum with 2.5" foam wheels, steerable tail wheel also includes floats for water takeoffs and landings and rudders on floats for better handling Propeller: 12x6 Spinner: Chrome finish plastic 2" (51mm) diameter Lights: Navigation and landing lights Warranty: FlyZone guarantees this kit to be free from defects in both material and workmanship at the date of purchase. This warranty does not cover any component parts damaged by use or modification. INCLUDES: Flyzone Tx-R Prime DHC-2 Beaver Select Scale Airplane with Brushless Motor, ESC, four Servos, SLT Receiver, Propeller, Instruction Manual, Spinner, Landing Gear with Floats REQUIRES: Compatible SLT transmitter with at least 5 channels LiPo Battery: 11.1V 1800mAh 15C Battery Charger: AC/DC balancing charger Building and field equipment SPECS: Wingspan: 59.5" (1510mm) Wing Area: 430 sq in (27.7 sq dm) Weight: 3-3.25 lb (1360 - 1470 g) Wing Loading: 16-17 oz/sq ft (49-52 g/sq dm) Length: 38.5" (980mm) Center of Gravity (CG): Between 2 - 2.5" (51 - 64mm) back from leading edge of wing measured at fuselage sides Control Throws: Low Rate High Rate Elevator Up & Down: 5/16" (8mm) 8° 7/16" (11mm) 10° Ailerons Up & Down: 3/8" (10mm) 14° 1/2" (13mm) 20° Rudder R & L: 7/8" (22mm) 18° 1-1/4" (32mm) 26° Flaps Up & Down: 7/16" (11mm) 34° jml 12.25.12 jxs 09/05/12 ir/jxs BOX DIMENSIONS: 9.50" W. X 8.88" H. X 46.25" L. BOX WEIGHT: 6.26 LBS.

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