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Does American made matter anymore? We think so! Zacklifts

Posted by Matt Burgwald on


       Ever wonder why there are not many used Zacklifts ?

 When My Dad taught me as a kid he had a ton of pride teaching me the importance of buying products that were made in the Usa He refused to buy anything from other countries as to concerns over quality.He was a product of the Depression and showed his family values that way also. 

      Today can you find more than 5 products in your home that wear the made in the USA badge? Times have changed for sure and an acceptance of foreign based products have become main stream and yes some of our products also are made on foreign soil. There is one clear product however that is not. 

        The Zacklift product is made in the USA. It is designed and manufactured in Washington state and distributed through out the world.It has engineering so carefully thought of, that it appears simple.Very few products like this can cause an industry difference upon their introduction.The Zacklift changed how vehicles were towed, updated trucks that could not be utilized and has become an industry standard.

        2017 has come and Zacklifts are more relevant now than ever! Heavy truck towing is a growing market share and often a Wrecker costs well over $100,000  with new Rotators cresting $750,000. To be fair a Zacklift will not offer the recovery capability that a Rotator can but it can tow and offer winch outs with the two available winch options.It can be the best switch hitter in your business! Turn a tractor or an out dated truck with out an under reach into a modern towing machine. 

ut there? The average company will utilize their Zacklift for years and we see many companies with these units for 20 plus years often, We also have been proud to offer Real affordable finance options so that you can save your capital. We want to hear from you,have a topic to talk about? Follow us on all social media @edinburgtrucks and check out new videos added to YouTube also. Our main site is and our number is 18008098761 Zacklift Z353




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